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Our Alpine Summer

Dear Austria guests,

We are delighted that you are considering spending a couple of days in Lech in summer. You see, Lech is not just a superb winter destination, you can also relax, recharge your batteries, get fit doing sports, enjoy fantastic concerts and the stunning mountain scenery in summer. And as of summer 2016, you can also enjoy a round of golf on Lech’s new 9-hole course in Zug. Offers for special summer highlights, such as the Lech Classic Days, our Golf Challenge Week, childrens adventure days and more, we will be happy to send you more detailed information upon request. We would love to pamper you at our Hotel between 24 June and 25 September 2016.
Sincerely, Claudia & Georg Strolz and the entire Austria Team

Arlberg hiking package

from 24 June to 25 September 2016
As member of the Arlberg hiking Hotels we offer our guests daily guided hikes and 2 peak tours a week. Our Arlberg hiking package is available from 24 June to 25 September 2016. We are looking forward to your request.

- 7 nights with halfboard
- outstanding breakfast buffet and 5 course dinner
- small cake selection in the afternoon
- spa area Revitalium and Alpin bath
- bath robe and slippers
- gym with view over Lech
- daily guided hikes
- 2 peaktours a week
- use of the hiking busses
- use of all chair lifts and cable cars
- free Mountainbike rental
- child care in our Teddy club
- W-Lan
- Garage
3 – 5 days on request
7 days from EUR 672,- per person

Golf-Challenge Lech 2016

from 17 Juli to 24 July 2016
This Week connects! Whether professionals or beginners, fun is guaranteed in this week.

From 17 to 24 July, this summer for the 9th time our Golf Challenge week takes place.

And in summer 2016 we will be playing at the first time on the new 9-hole golf course in Lech.
We are very happy about that.

Monday: 18-hole fun tournament in Lech
Tuesday: 18-hole team competition in Rankweil
Wednesday: festival evening – house opera Hamlet in Bregenz
Thursday: hiking day
Friday: 18-hole tournament in Braz
Saturday: 18-hole final tournament in Lech

Would you like to find out more?
You can contact Claudia and Georg Strolz for more Information about the program and prices.

Golf/ Lech – hiking- and golf

The Lech golf course in the spectacular Zugertal valley is located 1,500 metres above sea level, making it one of the highest golf courses in Austria. The brand-new nine-hole course is nestled in the alpine landscape on what is probably the only flat spot on Arlberg mountain and looks as if it has always been here. Second-to-none golfing pleasure is guaranteed for beginners and veterans alike.

The Arlberg mountain and especially Zugertal valley have resisted the modern tourism transformation. The region has grown naturally over the centuries and has remained true to its origins: genuine, unique, and extremely charismatic. There are of course fairways, but they are bordered by natural alpine terrain where it is not always so easy to get the ball back into play. And indigenous observers including squirrels and marmots are not at all rare up here. They just aren’t all that interested in golf. As long as the game is played according to the rules and everyone sticks to their own holes, there won’t be any problems. We always finish what we start on the Arlberg. The best example of this is the Arlberg Ski Club. And the Lech Golf Club is no different. Because playing the holes here is as exiting as skiing down the slopes. And because you can now impress your friends with your elegance in the summer in Lech, too. Don’t blame us if you get hooked!

The nine holes are located on both sides of the Lech river at the fishing pond in the idyllic Zugertal valley.

Hole 1 starts from a rise with a view of the Red Wall. This par 4 is 230/250 metres long and an ideal start.
Hole 2 should be started off with a longer drive, because this par 5 then curves along the right side of the slope. On the left, the fairway is bordered by an old arm of the Lech river. The green is located on a small plateau at the end of the Zugertobel. Length 410/460 metres.
If you like a challenge, hole 3 is just what you are looking for. After a drive, you play a right dogleg over the Lech river to the green of this par 4.
Hole 4 starts from a small rise and goes back over the river. The par 4 hole tracks along the Lech river along its entire length of 280 metres.
Hole 5 is a par 3 and is 130 metres long. A pond is located to the left of the green. The Lech river is the right boundary. Players cross the Lech river on a modern steel bridge to get to the tee off for hole 6. The tee off for this par 4, 280-metre-long hole is in a forest clearing. The first drive should be straight to play onto the green.
Our signature hole 7 is a par 3 with a length of 150metres and is started from the Stierloch. Once the ball crosses Stierloch creek, it lands on an idyllic green.
At hole 8, players are moving upstream again. This short par 3 with a length of 90/110 metres is located in a pine aisle.
After a pleasant walk past the idyllic Zuger fishing pond, you come to the last tee off. Hole 9 is a par 3 with a length of 110/130 metres and is played over a pond.

We took a pleasant autumn walk with our golf president Clemens Walch and saw the progress of construction. The course now has a summer to really take root.

Hiking and golf
valid 24 June to 25 September 2016
• 7 nights with half board
• 3x 9-hole-green fee in Lech
• 6 x guided hikes
• Lech Card for the buses and cable cars
• Relaxing in the Austria – Alpinbad or Revitalium
• Bathrobe and slippers
From EUR 798 , – per person in double room

And starting in June 2016, our summer guests will be able to enjoy golfing at its very best!

Outdoor days for the whole family

from 04 July to 28 August 2016
During these six weeks, we offer a 6-day varied Programme (Wednesday off) with 3D archery, climbing on the Rüfikopf and the Karhorn climbing route, canyoning, stand-up paddling, and geocaching courses from Monday to Friday. This programme has plenty to offer for kids and adults alike. Action and adventure for the whole family!

The offerings also include two kid’s adventure camps. The Lech Adventure Camp from 31 July to 6 August and the Austrian Kids Adventure Week from 20 to 27 August for children aged 8 and older provide five days full of fun and adventure all around Lech under the supervision of guides from Arlberg Alpin. From the 3D archery course, climbing on the Spullerplatten rock faces, starting fires like in the stone age, grilling, and geocaching to diving with real scuba tanks in the Lecher forest pool.

Younger kids aged 3 to 7 will also find plenty to do. Our child care specialist has a different highlight to offer every day, including fishing at the fishing pond, grilling on Lechbach creek, adventure hikes, a visit to Bärenland, kid’s Olympics, and much more.

Parents can spend their time away from their kids in quiet at the Alpin Bad pool or in the Revitalium, or they can participate in one of our guided hikes, a mountain peak tour with a guide, or an independent mountain bike tour.

Please inquire at the reception desk for more information about adventure week and prices.

14′th Karslruher Soccer-Camp

31′st of July until 05′th of August 2016
for girls and boys aged 6-16

Shortly after the European Football Championships in summer 2016 comes the next football highlight on the calendar. Admittedly, this is somewhat smaller, but that just makes it even more fun: The 14th Karlsruhe Holiday football school in Lech invites all football fans between 6 and 16 years for a kick about, to learn and to play together. Daily from 10am to 12pm and from 1.30pm to 3.30pm. When the weather is bad, the activities are held at sport.park.lech.

The kids will quickly find sports fans of the same age and the first teams and training groups are formed. And at the end, every little kicker gets their own goody
bag: it includes individual tips from the trainer, a certificate of participation, their own brand new football and the football school kit.

We can book the football camp for you at the same
time you make your room reservation.

The “Austria Kids-Adventure-Week”


Our kids adventure week at the end of August is not to be missed. This is the week where all kids who love having fun in the mountains can meet up together. Divided into 2 groups and held over 5 days, the schedule is full of trips and adventures.

A highlight with the “little ones”, Kids up to 8 years old go on an outing to Bärenland nature theme park. The terrific Bärenland in SonnenKopf really is brilliant fun. Bears are everywhere! By the way, even “Bruno” the bear has visited Bärenland! The ascent in the bear-themed cable car isn’t just fun for the kids. There’s a lot of interesting, bearthemed play and game areas to be discovered.

What’s really fun is the water games and the bears playground. Out on the bear lake, the brave can practice sailing on a raft. If they close their eyes and stroke the magic bear in the bear cave, their wishes will come true. If you want to see Bärenland from above, you can do this whist floating through the air on the excellent Bear-Express.
At one time silver was mined in the Sonnenkopf area. Nowadays kids can go on a adventurous treasure hunt. They can search for little silver bears at the huge prospecting area.

Bigger kids from 8 years old can prove how brave they are at canyoning. Kitted out with a wetsuit, helmet and harness, they dive into the strange, breathtaking world of the canyon. During this river bed walk, they will jump around, slip about on water slides in pools and abseil over high waterfalls and clear pools. Our reservation team will be happy to provide more Information or a detailed price quote.

The green ring

The Green Ring is a hiking circuit from Lech to Zürs, from Zürs to Zug and from Zug to Lech, modelled on the route of the White Ring skiing route. The Green Ring can be hiked in several stages, depending on one’s stamina and fitness. Hikers enjoying the Green Ring can be inspired by legends and stories along the way. Mysterious creatures tell charming, funny stories from the modern world of legend and help you take a new look at your magical alpine surroundings. At the reception desk, you can buy a copy of the book of legends “A Samurai at the Kriegerhorn”, which was specially written for the Green Ring trail.

For instance, one hiking destination on the Green Ring is: The pier on Lake Zürs.The pier on the Lake Zürs was constructed by Bauhof Lech under the supervision of Günter Schneider and completed in the summer of 2013 with great skill and dedication by Armin Gundolf and his team. The pier is beautifully romantic and has been perfectly integrated into the landscape of Lake Zürs. It provides an ideal location for a rest break before ascending higher, or simply to just relax for a morning with a good book.

Another highlight is: Mail from the Green RingTwo mailboxes are located on the 1st and 3rd stages of the Green Ring, one at Lake Monzabon and another by the reservoir next to the Lecher Chluppa (above the Kriegeralpe). There you can find postcards which you can take, write and drop in the box or send. These postcards help you send your greetings to friends and acquaintances, or even to yourself from the Green Ring. The mailboxes are emptied once a year and the postcards are then sent by Lech Zürs Tourismus GmbH. Sending a postcard to yourself. Not a bad idea, eh?

The Green Ring can be kiked the whole summer from June 24 to September 25. Hiking suggestions can be requested to Georg Strolz personally.

The Lechweg – Meditation and high suspense

Because the pristine landscape along the Lech is anything but boring.The first 4 stages can easily be hiked starting from the Austria, as the Lechtal bus goes to Lech every hour and so it’s no problem at all to be back at your “mountain home” in the evening. Once you get to the fourth stage of the Lechweg, you are faced with a tough choice: do you test your nerves by crossing Europe’s longest hanging footbridge or take a small detour through the romantic, untamed Höhenbach gorge? Most people decide to test their fear of heights: the bridge is 200 meters long, spanning a 110-meter deep ravine. Just one-meter wide, the bridge runs across the gorge and in itself it is an adventure which is not easy to quickly forget. But the Holzgau Suspension footbridge is just one of the many attractions on the 125-km Lechweg.

Holzgau Suspension FootbridgeA panoramic view and an adrenaline rush, all at once! Welcome to the new suspension footbridge that spans the romantic, untamed Höhenbach gorge. This is the highest, longest and most spectacular pedestrian bridge in Austria!!!
Some technical details:
> 200.5 m long and approx. 105 m high
> 1-m wide, with a grating floor
> The rail is 130-cm high and is lit at night with LEDs
> Up to 630 people would fit on the bridge
> Suspended footbridge with two suspender cables
> 5.2-m pylons located on either end
> The suspender cables are anchored to the ground with 6 rock anchors
> Cable tension: currently 26.5 t
> The breaking load is more than 280 t per suspender cable
> Cable diameter: 50 mm
> Weight of the bridge: 22.8 t

The Lech Card

Your entire family will be given a Lech Card for every stay with us, even if it is just for a weekend.
This card allows you to use the following free of charge:

> The Rüfikopf, Petersboden, Bergbahn Lech–Oberlech, and Steffisalp-Express summer lifts.
> The local and hiking buses Our local and hiking buses bring you to Spullersee and Formarinsee lakes in Zugertal valley, to the Hochtannberg pass, to Zürs, and to Steeg in Lechtal valley.
> The forest swimming pool Located directly in Lech, the forest swimming pool offers a rock island, 25°C water, an exciting water slide, large kid’s pool, and a romantic meadow. And there’s a great playground for kids.
> Tennis and beach volleyball courts at the forest swimming pool. Two sand tennis courts surrounded by a breathtaking mountain panorama and one beach volleyball court are available daily from 9:30 to 19:00 when the weather is good.
> Running and walking trails Ten challenging running and Nordic walking trails for different ability levels and with a special guidance system to control your speed and heart rate are ideal for maintaining and improving your level of fitness.
> Day fee at the Lech golf academy Beginners, advanced golfers, and experts are all welcome at the Lech golf academy! With a driving range, putting green, and three holes.
> Buxbaum family fun park: The Buxbaum family fun park offers lots of activities including minigolf, pit-pat, billiards, and tablefootball every day from 14:00 to 19:30 (except when it is raining). The family fun park is lightedin the evening.
> Culture and museums: Enjoy our outdoor concerts at Rüfiplatz or learn about history with Pfiff in the Valaisian Tannberg museum (Wed and Fri 15:00 to 18:00 at the fire station), at Huber Hus museum (Tue, Thu, Sun from 15:00 to 18:00), and at Kästle museum (daily from 08:30 to 17:30, Rüfikopf mountain station), or spend some time in the library (Mon and Fri 16:00 to 18:00; Wed 15:00 to 19:00)
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