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CLAUDIA & GEORG STROLZ Claudia, Aurel, Johanna and Georg
Your Hotel Austria Family

The Hotel Austria Family

When Georg's parents, Othmar and Elsbeth, laid the foundations of the Austria in 1964, no one had any idea that it would become home to so many guests from all over the world. Since then it has been enlarged and expanded every two years, and we have done everything in our power to turn our hotel into the perfect place to spend a wonderful holiday. Over the years, not only our family has grown, but also the wider Austria family, consisting of the Strolz family, our many guests who return year after year and our longstanding employees.

The hotel's Teddy Club playgroup was founded in 1996, after CLAUDIA and GEORG took over the hotel, and Aurel and Johanna were born. Initially, the nanny back then helped the family with their children, but the Teddy Club gradually became a place for all the children in the hotel. As a result, this additional service and the hotel's apartments transformed the Austria into an establishment popular with families looking for an exclusive holiday in a family-friendly atmosphere.

What we are not, however, and what we do not wish to become, is a children's hotel where our young guests are handed over in the morning and collected again in the evening. We also welcome couples, singles and grandparents – we have always wanted to create a hotel where everyone feels at home. There are areas that are for adults only, or "little adults" who can behave suitably, as well as areas specifically for children. Everyone can have the time of their lives, doing exactly what they like to do, and we are especially proud of the fact that we often have three generations of the same family holidaying together with us.

Aurel and Johanna – who, as we already mentioned, set us on the road to becoming a family hotel – have since outgrown the Teddy Club. At the moment Aurel and Johanna collect some important impressions and life experiences outside their home.

Not only did we take over Hotel Austria from Elsbeth and Othmar, we also took on their passion for hospitality. We want our guests to feel at home while they're here. A place where they can really relax, where they feel cared for. The fact that 80% of our guests return year after year convinces us that we are on the right track, with the help of many people behind the scenes, some of whom have been with us for quite a few years.


The good spirit of the hotel is GEORG'S MUM. She always delights our guests with beautiful decoration ideas, some of which were even handmade by her.