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We put a BIG emphasis on your little ones.

As devoted parents of two children, a couple of years ago we decided to run our hotel as a family-friendly establishment. We've experienced wonderful times on our travels with our own children, but there were also times when the children wanted to be with people their own age and we, as parents, enjoyed this "time off".

This is precisely the kind of help we wanted to offer all parents who spend "the best time of the year" with us. It's your choice whether your little ones have a children's tea at 6 p.m., or the whole family dines together at 7 p.m. But the children of our guests should always behave like "little adults" in the restaurant, because it's important for every guest, including singles or couples on holiday without children, to enjoy a pleasant, relaxed dinner.

There's also a separate children's pool in the indoor pool area, where children can tumble and splash to their hearts' content! The adjoining adult pool is much more quiet, though, so adults can swim their lengths in peace there.