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Our Alpine Summer

Die-hard winter guests can hardly imagine spending a few days in the summer in Lech. But anyone who has had the pleasure of greeting a fresh summer morning relaxing on our breakfast terrace or recharging their batteries at one of the countless idyllic spots around Lech, anyone who has hiked leisurely through the green meadows is certain to fondly remember their time here in the mountains. Because when you hike, the world automatically slows down to a pace that is unique to you. And living life at this pace is something that we have almost forgotten in today’s busy world. Simply setting aside some quality time for yourself. Nor will guests find that the many cultural events on offer in Lech during the summer are massive, crowded spectacles. True to their roots, they remain “small, but special”.

For people who can’t really imagine spending their holidays at such a slow pace, Lech and its surroundings also offer a wealth of sporting fun. Interested in a round of golf at Bludenz-Braz, one of the most beautiful and challenging 18-hole courses in the Alps? Want to try a climbing route on the 2,416-meter Karhorn? Or how about participating in Lech’s High Altitude Half Marathon? We’ll be more than happy to work out a programme for you.

Come and enjoy the magic of the mountains during the Lech summer season from 25 June to 5 October 2014.

We look forward to seeing you!
Sincerely, Claudia & Georg Strolz

The green ring

The Green Ring is a hiking circuit from Lech to Zürs, from Zürs to Zug and from Zug to Lech, modelled on the route of the White Ring skiing route. The Green Ring can be hiked in several stages, depending on one’s stamina and fitness. Hikers enjoying the Green Ring can be inspired by legends and stories along the way. Mysterious creatures tell charming, funny stories from the modern world of legend and help you take a new look at your magical alpine surroundings. At the reception desk, you can buy a copy of the book of legends “A Samurai at the Kriegerhorn”, which was specially written for the Green Ring trail.

For instance, one hiking destination on the Green Ring is: The pier on Lake Zürs.The pier on the Lake Zürs was constructed by Bauhof Lech under the supervision of Günter Schneider and completed in the summer of 2013 with great skill and dedication by Armin Gundolf and his team. The pier is beautifully romantic and has been perfectly integrated into the landscape of Lake Zürs. It provides an ideal location for a rest break before ascending higher, or simply to just relax for a morning with a good book.

Another highlight is: Mail from the Green RingTwo mailboxes are located on the 1st and 3rd stages of the Green Ring, one at Lake Monzabon and another by the reservoir next to the Lecher Chluppa (above the Kriegeralpe). There you can find postcards which you can take, write and drop in the box or send. These postcards help you send your greetings to friends and acquaintances, or even to yourself from the Green Ring. The mailboxes are emptied once a year and the postcards are then sent by Lech Zürs Tourismus GmbH. Plans call for a third mailbox to be installed near the “Gletscherzunge” before the ascent to Madlochjoch. Sending a postcard to yourself. Not a bad idea, eh?

The Green Ring can be kiked the whole summer from June 25 to October 5. Hiking suggestions can be requested to Georg Strolz personally.

The Lechweg – Meditation and high suspense

Because the pristine landscape along the Lech is anything but boring.The first 4 stages can easily be hiked starting from the Austria, as the Lechtal bus goes to Lech every hour and so it’s no problem at all to be back at your “mountain home” in the evening. Once you get to the fourth stage of the Lechweg, you are faced with a tough choice: do you test your nerves by crossing Europe’s longest hanging footbridge or take a small detour through the romantic, untamed Höhenbach gorge? Most people decide to test their fear of heights: the bridge is 200 meters long, spanning a 110-meter deep ravine. Just one-meter wide, the bridge runs across the gorge and in itself it is an adventure which is not easy to quickly forget. But the Holzgau Suspension footbridge is just one of the many attractions on the 125-km Lechweg.

Holzgau Suspension FootbridgeA panoramic view and an adrenaline rush, all at once! Welcome to the new suspension footbridge that spans the romantic, untamed Höhenbach gorge. This is the highest, longest and most spectacular pedestrian bridge in Austria!!!
Some technical details:
> 200.5 m long and approx. 105 m high
> 1-m wide, with a grating floor
> The rail is 130-cm high and is lit at night with LEDs
> Up to 630 people would fit on the bridge
> Suspended footbridge with two suspender cables
> 5.2-m pylons located on either end
> The suspender cables are anchored to the ground with 6 rock anchors
> Cable tension: currently 26.5 t
> The breaking load is more than 280 t per suspender cable
> Cable diameter: 50 mm
> Weight of the bridge: 22.8 t

Run in Lech!

Regardless of whether you like to call it jogging, running, Nordic walking, trail running, mountain running or just walking, you’re sure to find the ideal terrain to enjoy your favourite form of ambulation with us. Because the landscape is perfect. The altitude is ideal. And monotony is impossible. With 10 specially designed running and Nordic walking paths, Lech has everything you need for a great run. And everyone is invited to come and enjoy the magical mountains of Lech during the special running events organised by the town. We hope you have a great time and a good workout each and every time!

Take a deep breath and off you go!Back home, your feet are pounded into submission by hard asphalt and despite your high-tech running shoes they feel tired and fatigued. You’re constantly confronted with artificial obstacles, such as intersections and red lights, that break your rhythm. You stand there and breathe in fine dust and car exhaust, both neither healthy nor fragrant. Breathe a sigh of relief, because you won’t find any of that up here with us. Guaranteed! At an altitude of 1,450 m, this high alpine valley is the ideal spot for an active summer vacation.
10 running paths offer you 54 km of running fun to enjoy. You can run on gravelled paths along the river, soft meadows, mossy forest paths and trails strewn with fir branches and you may not even notice that these different kinds of terrain work like a massage on your feet. But as soon as you take off your running shoes and wade barefoot in the cool waters of the Lech, just because you want to, just because you want to breathe in the fresh, pure mountain air, then you’ll know how refreshing and exhilarating a holiday here can be.

Children adventure week 2014

The Children’s Adventure Week at the end of August has really become a set part of the summer programme at the Austria. For one week, as many outdoor activities as possible are offered, for three different age groups! Whether its an excursion to Bärenland, a day at the fish pond in Zug for the little ones or an Indiana Jones day, building rafts and exploring caves for kids and teens: next year we are sure to come up with some exciting adventures for the wee ones!

Here’s our programme:.

> For Minis ages 3 to 6:

> Fishing at the fish pond
> Grilling at the Lech
> Adventure hike
> Visit to Bärenland
> Kids’ Olympics and much more…

> For Kids and Teens from 7 to 14:
> Adventure Park Schröcken
> Mini-canyoning
> Adventure Day
> Children’s climbing
> Family adventure

> And for parents
> 5 guided hikes
> 2 guided mountain climbs
> Daily relaxing at the Revitalium and the new Alpine baths
> Free mountain bike rental

Children´s Adventure week 2014 from 23 to 30 August 2014
Package price for 7 nights in apartment excl. cleaning, incl. half-board
> EUR 690 per adult in small apartment
> EUR 790 per adult in mid-size apartment E or apartment “small with loft”
> EUR 879 per adult in apartments D. F or D south
> EUR 900 per adult in small apartments G or “Omeshorn“

> Per child, 0-6 years: EUR 0
> Per child, 7-10 years: EUR 320
> Per child, 11-14 years: EUR 420