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White turns to green

Der Grüne Ring (The Green Ring) is a three-day, staged hike for mountain enthusiasts and would-be druids, but also for those who like to take things more slowly. You follow the White Ring ski trail as it passes through unique valleys, beside enchanting waterfalls and through fabulous forest clearings, providing a mind-blowing experience for nature lovers and urbanites. But the Green Ring showcases more than just the unique landscape around Lech and Zürs.

Wandering along the Green Ring's paths also provides an encounter with a mythical world, leading to a completely different kind of adventure for your mind. You come across installations by young sculptor Daniel Kocher who, together with writer Daniela Egger, has adorned this wonderful mountain and forest trail. The passers-by you encounter here are exciting creatures of legend and mysterious mythical figures, who you can examine from the benches as you, too, become a part of this piece of natural history. This experience – the woods, streams, clearings and meadows as well as the three peaks that glimmer in the distance – is a great way to unwind, to simply "be". And for those who have the feeling they want to tell the whole world about their experiences out of sheer enthusiasm, work is currently in progress on an online summit diary site, where you will be able to tell your colleagues in the office about the secrets of the Green Ring at just the click of a mouse.

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