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We also place great emphasis on doing things together, which is why, starting in the summer of 2010, we're organising a hiking group along with three neighbouring hotels. This joint effort means that our guests have a choice of two different guided hikes every day, for example like these:

> Lech – Gstüatalpe – Spullersee
From the Omesberg in Lech to the Gstüatalpe. Via the Stierloch up to the Ravensburger Hütte (hut) and return with the hiking bus from the Spullersee. Easy hike, approx. 3.5 hrs.

> Rüfikopf – Stuttgarter Hütte
Go up the mountain with the Rüfikopf cable car and via the Rauhekopf-scharte to the Stuttgarter Hütte (hut - 2310 m). Go via the Trittalpe and the Güterweg to Zürs to finish. Return using the Postbus. Intermediate hike, approx 4 hrs.

> Oberlech – Körbersee – Hochtannberg
Go up the mountain with the Lech-Oberlech cable car or the local and hiking bus. Via the Gaisbühelalpe – Auenfelder to the Körbersee and carry on to Hochkrumbach. From there, return to Lech with the local bus. Easy hike, approx. 3.5 hrs

Hiking means discovering and getting to know your surroundings...
> Historc town tour: “Lech, then and now ”
> Historic Hike: experience the “Alpine agriculture” or “on the trail of the Walser” themed historic hike.
> Medicinal herbs hike
> Geologcal/botanical hike
> Way to the water : explore the Lech spring areas, waterfalls, mountain lakes and rivers on foot.

Furthermore, there will now be an accompanied summit hike or a guided high trail hike twice a week with one of our five guides, for example:

> Omeshorn 2.557 m
For anyone looking for a special challenge. Difficult hike, approx. 5-6 hrs

> Karhorn 2.416 m
A hike high above Warth, in the background of the mighty Biberkopf and the Allgäu Alps. Intermediate hike, approx. 4.5 hrs

> Widderstein 2.536 m
From the Widderstein, you can overlook the entire Kleinwalser Valley and into the Bregenz Forest. Intermediate hike, approx. 5 hrs

> Biberkopf 2.599 m
The Biberkopf is the most southern mountain in Germany. Intermediate hike, approx. 5-6 hrs

> Höhenweg (High-Alpine route)
A high Alpine hike over long routes with challenging passages at points. Difficult hike, approx. 5-6hrs

> Klettersteig (Fixed rope route)
Scale the Arlberg and Karhorn fixed-rope routes while accompanied
by professionals. You will be rewarded with a stunning view from the peak!
Intermediate to difficult hikes
Karhorn fixed rope route, approx. 4-5 hrs
Arlberg fixed rope route, approx. 4.5-5 hrs

For all these activities it is possible to borrow hiking-sticks and buy backpacks and drinking-bottels at the hotel.

You can obtain further information about the splendid Lech mountains, with more than 350 km of marked hiking trails, at