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Facials & body treatments

Enhance your beauty with the sensuous formulas of the luxury cosmetics line Sothys! All Sothys products are developed by the company’s own research institute and are extremely skin-friendly.

With Sothys, we offer innovative treatments performed by the expert hands of authorised Sothys cosmeticians. The French care products have been providing beauty from head to toe in select specialist institutes and beauty farms for over 65 years. This high-quality cosmetics line harnesses the power of plants and is aimed at achieving maximum effectiveness combined with optimal skin tolerance. The company uses natural raw materials and active ingredients that are extracted through biotechnological processes.

Enjoy one-of-a-kind treatments and highly effective home care, inspired by nature!

Facial “classic“
Your complete, all-in-one programme. Cleansing, skin analysis, exfoliation, eyebrow shaping, facial massage, facial mask, final care.

50 min
80 min
(incl. deep cleansing and ampoule)
€ 68,00
€ 88,00

Facial “bright moments“
Our intensive eye treatment.
With the threefold effect against bags, dark circles and crow´s-feet!

40 min € 48,00

Facial “hydradvance“
Hydrating treatment with an innovative moisturising concept based on genetic research. Selected ingredients stimulate the skin, helping to restore its natural moisture levels. Immediate and long-lasting effect.

80 min € 98,00

Facial “active“
Special treatment for blemished skin.

50 min € 68,00

Facial “gourmet“
Intensive care treatment. The perfect antidote to the harmful effects of heat, cold and dry air. A boost for dull and tired skin using seasonal fruits. Cleansing scrub, massage and soothing mask.

55 min € 68,00

Facial “anti-aging“
Hyaluron treatment. A highly effective special treatment tailored tot he age and unique needs of your skin. Prevents wrinkles and loss of elasticity and boosts the youthful vitality of your ski nto give you a healthy glow.

80 min € 108,00

Facial “gentleman“
Your pampering programme. Cleansing, exfoliation, massage, finishingmask. Please shave about six hours before facial!

50 min € 68,00

Facial treatment extras

Eyebrow tinting
Eyelash tinting
Eyebrow shaping
€ 17,00
€ 22,00
€ 8,00

Aroma body scrub
For wonderfully delicate and subtly scented skin. Choose from three alternative products with unusual textures combined with a scent of your choice.

25 min € 55,00

Toning treatment
All-round full-body treatment. Containing selected ingredients and with unique textures, the slimming scrub, toning pellicular wrap and massage cream are the perfect complement to a slimming treatment for any problem zone.

80 min € 88,00

Anti-cellulite treatment
Targeted treatment lasting 80 minutes with exclusive products and sensual textures: slimming scrub/wrap, slimming massage fluid and a choice of 3 highly-concentrated serums selected according to the type of cellulite.

80 min € 88,00

Hanakasumi ritual
Based on a Japanese ritual, a heated peel with cherry blossoms and rice powder is applied to the skin. In the subsequent phase of peace you experience a foot massage followed by a massage with heated, flower-scented karité butter.

60 min € 79,00

> Filing
> Hand bath
> Cuticle removal
> Hand massage
> Hand cream

50 min
Nail painting
€ 42,00
€ 10,00

> Herbal foot bath
> Callus removal
> Nail filing
> Cuticle removal
> Foot massage
> Foot cream

50 min
Nail painting
€ 52,00
€ 10,00

Spa manicure
With exfoliation, massage and hand wrap

70 min € 60,00

Spa pedicure
with exfoliation, massage and foot wrap

80 min € 69,00

Hair removal with hot wax

Upper lip
Full leg
Lower leg up to knee
Bikini zone
€ 10,00
€ 48,00
€ 35,00
€ 22,00