Hotel Austria Lech (Home) 4 Sterne

  "Here I am accepted for who I am. I can just be myself here."
The Revitalium – Hotel Austria's oasis of well-being.

Calmness means simply allowing the time to flow by, becoming fully aware of your body and its needs again and recharging your batteries. The most pleasant place to do this is our wellness area, the Revitalium. Relax in the whirlpool as the waters massage you, allow your pores to open up in the hot, dry Finnish sauna, relax your muscles in the bio sauna, get a thorough detox in the humidity of the steam bath, stimulate your heart and circulation in the brine bath thanks to the fine droplets of salt solution in the air, or soothe your body and soul with gentle rays of heat and essential oils in the laconium.

You can be at one with yourself in this "no swimwear, no children" zone. After visiting one of our five themed cabins, you can retreat to the quiet deck, with gentle music playing in the background. Our most fearless guests can also get their circulation going after a sauna with a visit to the cold air room. Wading through the cold water along the gravel bed feels like a reflexology massage.


Finnish Sauna (80–90° C):
The oldest and best known of all steam rooms is a classic that originated in Finland. Here you can sweat amidst temperatures of 80–90° C and low, 10% humidity. This opens the pores and cleanses the skin. Depending on your physical condition, you can spend 5 to 15 minutes in this sauna.

Organic Sauna (60–70° C):
The organic sauna is a gentle version of the Finnish sauna, appreciated particularly by women for its moderate temperatures of 60–70° C and 40% humidity. Pouring water infused with different herbs onto the hot coals has a very pleasant effect. Depending on your health, you can spend 5 to 15 minutes in this sauna.

Steam Room (40–45° C):
The effect of high humidity combined with gentle heat was recognised and used as early as Roman times in caldariums (warm baths). Temperatures of 40–45° C detox the body, revitalise the respiratory organs and benefit the skin and hair. After around 15 minutes in a steam room, you should treat your body to about 30 minutes of rest and relaxation.

Cold Air Room:
After you've heated your body up in the sauna or whirlpool, it’s time to cool it down again. You can use our cold air room with cold water footbaths or take a step outside.

Laconium (40–45° C):
The Roman dry steam room is especially recommended for body treatments, because it opens the pores and greatly increases blood supply to the skin. The 40–45° C heat is radiated gently and evenly from heated walls and floors, as well as from the seating and reclining areas. You should spend around 30 to 60 minutes in the Laconium to experience its full benefits. Genuine rose quartz releases additional energies, removes stress barriers and has a positive effect on the heart and circulatory system.

Brine Grotto (35–45° C):
At 35–45° C, nebulised sea salt along with essential eucalyptus and mint extracts cleanse and soothe the airways. The special brine and steam technique (operated using the SOLE button), combined with the heat radiated by the cabin, has the same effect as a seaside climate. You should spend approximately 15 minutes here.

Tanning Salon:
A new turbo solarium is available to give you the perfect tan – EUR 2.00 for 3 minutes.

Athleticum Gym:
5 cardio machines (home trainer, treadmill, rowing machine, etc.) are available for our guests.