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  Treatments in our "floating bed"

You will not be sitting as usual in a bathtub, you will be relaxing "weightlessly" in a water-suspended bed while the wraps achieve their effect. The free-floating bed on a base featuring the perfect temperature and no heat loss will allow you to achieve the highest level of relaxation. When combined with soothing heat, the wraps become 10 times more effective.

Hay scrub & hay bath
The Alpicare® hay scrub enriched with pink mountain salt deeply cleanses the skin and stimulates regeneration, leaving your skin clearer and brighter. Afterwards, you will enjoy 25 minutes in the floating bed with three kg of genuine alpine hay.

approx. 50 min € 58,00

Alpine mud & mountain pine bath
The mountain pine releases an exceptional Alpine scent, and in combination with the fine-grained natural sediments of various healing clays, it detoxifies the skin and at the same time has an invigorating and restrative effect. Alpine mud with mountain pine is therefore the basis for beautiful skin and healthy, tight connective tissue. Ideal for cellulite.

approx. 25 min € 35,00

Cleopatra bath wrap
Rejuvenating moisturising wrap with selected essential oils. The high-quality ingredients which include goat butter and essential oils (e.g. almond, sunflower, soy and grape seed oil) provide nourishment for dry skin.

approx. 25 min € 35,00