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Don't fancy skiing today?

That's OK. There are all kinds of alternatives available in Lech-Zürs.
Why not try one out for yourself?

Allow the snow-covered scenery to enchant you – glittering fields of snow, the clear, crisp winter air and so much more. Anyone who's experienced the magic of a snow-covered winter landscape knows that a walk through deep snow is not just about stomping through knee-deep cold white stuff. Mundane thoughts simply vanish and leave you feeling safe and protected. Nature and the elements are humbling and awe-inspiring. Although they may tire you out physically, they enrich the spirit. Ancient senses awaken and offer a new lease of life, providing a sensation that is difficult to define, but that is indispensable. And then you return: drink a cup of tea or hot chocolate and every fibre of your body is infused with pleasant warmth. After this, a strange feeling of tiredness sets in, which in an indescribable way brings you back to Earth.

There is a well-marked network of approx. 40 km of trails in Lech and the surrounding area.

The major winter hiking trails are:
Lech–Zug: approx. 2.8 km
Zug–Älpele: approx. 3.5 km
Lech–Oberlech: approx. 1 km
Lech–Stubenbach: approx. 2 km
Rüfikopf circuit: approx. 2 km
Lech–Zürs: approx. 5 km
Zürs–Flexenpass: approx. 2 km

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Many roads lead into the valley, one of the most exciting and fun of which is the toboggan and bob run from Oberlech to Lech. Travelling a distance of 1.2 kilometres, its many curves wind through the forest between tall, soft mounds of powder snow and end in a final, terrifically fast slope that stops right in front of the mountain railway station in the valley. The toboggan run is open daily from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. and is lit up at night.

Snowshoe hiking allows you to experience nature at its purest. It's the lonely silence of the freshly snow-covered winter woodland. It's the way you make the first tracks in the virgin snow. It's the satisfaction of reaching hidden destinations under your own steam – whether it's a remote peak or a local hill. A snowshoe hike in untouched nature is a unique experience offered by various organisations in Lech Zürs. Further information can be found at

Ice rink at the Hotel Jagdhaus Monzabon – Europe's one and only hotel ice rink. Over 300 m² of artificial ice for ice skating and ice stock sport, a German and Austrian sport similar to curling.

The natural ice rink in Zürs will tempt you with special events such as a romantic camp fire, mulled wine and hot punch for the children, as well as comfortable seats with sheepskins! Further information available at

Lech's ice fall climbing course is the perfect place for novice attempts at ice climbing and for advanced climbers to practice. Extended ice tours to one of the many frozen waterfalls in the Arlberg region can be arranged for ambitious ice fall enthusiasts on request. Further information available at

Leave terra firma, experience a sense of freedom after taking off, without any restrictions or engine noise, floating freely with just a couple of lines connecting you to the canopy. Feel the currents of air and atmospheric forces while gazing down upon our beautiful scenery. Forget the daily grind and commune with yourself. This is a feeling that you can get only from flying, which is what makes tandem paragliding so exciting. Also suitable for groups. Further information available at

Whether by day or at night, a horse-drawn sleigh ride is always a highlight during a winter holiday.
Pick-up point: covered bridge, Lech
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Wild animals, especially the native red deer, are shy forest inhabitants that are rarely seen up close in the wild. During the harsh winter months, when food is scarce, stags and does are brave enough to come nearer to inhabited areas and virtually forget their fear of humans. This gives you the opportunity to watch the majestic stags and delicate does up close as they feed at twilight.

Experience this unique natural spectacle from a covered hide. You're welcome to borrow binoculars from our hotel reception desk. Once a week, Lech Zürs Tourism offers a guided "wild animal watching" hike.

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Inspirational, adventurous and just plain fun technology is what you’ll find in these quiet, economical and easy-to-learn devices. Guides will help you with your initial attempts and will show you a different side of Lech. Further information at

There are three museums that are well worth a visit:

Museum Huber-Hus:
at Schlosskopfplatz, a traditional wooden chalet with temporary exhibitions and access to the complete community archive.

Walsermuseum Lech-Tannberg:
in the fire station on the way to Stubenbach.

Kästle Mountain Museum Lech:
near the Rüfikopfbahn II mountain station, historic photographs, examples of old skis and other highlights from the history of the successful Austrian ski brand.

Information on local museums:

What? Finished with your holiday reading so soon? Help is at hand from the Lech lending library, in the old school house at Kirchplatz!

In the summer of 2009, the existing sports hall was completely refurbished and transformed into a true sports and leisure centre. In addition to two tennis courts with climbing walls, you will also find four bowling alleys, spacious exercise and aerobics areas, indoor cycling, a recreation room with table tennis and billiards, and the sportslounge.café.

The Alpine scenery has been incorporated into the building through the use of an extensive glass façade, so that visitors can still enjoy the view of the fabulous mountain scenery from indoors.

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