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Helicopter Skiing

Lech Zürs is one of the few ski regions where heliskiing (for SKIS and SNOWBOARDS) is still possible. Heliskiing is offered on two peaks:

MEHLSACK: the perfect destination for good, experienced skiers in both deep snow and spring firn (old, compacted, granular snow).

"Mehlsack" (Zuger Schafberg) offers dream runs for deep-snow skiers and for firn fans in spring. The route in the direction of Älpele is the most popular run. From the valley floor, a well maintained path takes you back to Zug in about 20 minutes (there's a local bus from Zug to Lech or you can get to the ski area using the Zug mountain railway). The route that takes you down to Spullersee, with many sun-drenched slopes along the way, is regarded as a wonderful firn run, especially in late spring.

The landing site is beneath the Orgelscharte and the run takes you down the Schneetal, ending behind Zug. Especially in early spring, this run is suitable as a firn run for moderately accomplished skiers. The helicopter takes off from the Kriegerhorn (above Lech) and the Flexenpass (above Zürs). These sites have been chosen because they do not cause any noise pollution for the villages and thus enable piste skiing and heliskiing to coexist in harmony.

Flights are booked through the ski schools, and for safety reasons, heliskiing is only possible with the ski schools' experienced ski instructors and mountain guides.

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