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Skyspace in Summer

Culture highlights in summer

Skyspache Lech in summer

The world-renowned US artist James Turrell has designed a light space in which the meeting of heaven and earth in the high alpine landscape can be experienced with a new view. The "Skyspace" is an underground structure that creates a fascinating visual axis towards the sky. Access is via a 15-meter tunnel.

The Skyspace-Lech is an almost entirely underground structure that blends sensitively into the landscape at "Tannegg". The oval main room has an equally oval opening in the ceiling and a surrounding bench, which, like the floor, is lined with black granite.

At dusk - just before sunrise and sunset - the walls and ceiling in the Skyspace-Lech are bathed in color-changing light. The sky is perceived as part of the room through the opening.

Equipped with a movable dome, the Skyspace-Lech offers the unique opportunity to play on the Skyspace with another of James Turrell's artistic concepts, which visualizes a full-field effect in the dome area. The walls and ceiling are bathed in color-changing light, so that what was previously perceived as a clear spatial structure seems to dissolve.

Accessibility in summer

During summer a shuttle-service from Rüfiplatz to Oberlech is provided on fridays when  public tours are held.
Via Bergbahn Oberlech to Burgplateau, continue walking about 30-40 minutes on the walking trail towards Kriegeralpe or  Gaisbühel – Auenfeld

By foot from Lech on the walking trail to Burgplateau and further on the walking trail towards Kriegeralpe or  Gaisbühel – Auenfeld

It’s also possible to take the local bus Nr. 4 to Oberlech either in winter or summer. From the last bus stop in Oberlech (Schlössle) it takes a 15 minutes walk to reach Skyspace-Lech. Current Schedule Local Bus Lech Zürs

Information regarding hiking trails and ski-runs leading to the Skyspace-Lech/ to the mountain railways may be received online via or via

Visiting/Opening Hours

The Skyspace-Lech is open all year on a daily basis.

Please be aware that the Skyspace may be closed due to bad weather or private guided tours.

The Skyspace-Concept, consisting the specific light art developed by James Turrell, can only be displayed during Sunrise and Sunset-Times and good weather conditions (no rainfall/no snowfall). The cupola must be open for this concept.

The Skyspace-Lech offers space for a maximum of 30 visitors. Attention: the Skyspace-Lech closes on time. Please plan the visit accordingly!

If you are planning a visit during Sunrise- respectively Sunset-Times please have a look at the visiting calendar to make sure that the Skyspace is opened.


Dates for summer 2023 not yet fixed.

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