Golf course permission - certificate

Middle of June - 26.09.2021

Within a few hours, our golf school shows you how exciting and diverse the sport of golf can be. You gain first experiences with the basic stroke types of the long and short game. Basic things such as grip, posture and attitude will be shown to you within a short time. You will be trained in the golf rules and etiquette and once you pass the exam, you are rewarded the course permit.

If you are not sure where to sign up for a membership, you can also buy a Holiday Membership membership at Golfclub Lech. Further information can be found at

And for the very first round of golf as an official golf member, we also have a pack of Austria logo balls. Nice game!

The training courses can be organized from us.

The training consists of 10 units in small groups of 3 to 4 persons, each lasting 45 minutes. Alternatively, groups of two persons consist of 9 units at 45 minutes each.

- learning the game of golf (long game, short game, putting)

- Basic knowledge such as grip, posture and standing

- Training Golf Rules & Etiquette

- Examination for space permit / Platzreife

- Training at the Academy Short Course - incl. Range Balls

- Golf equipment can be borrowed

Fee for the course (3-4 people)
per person EUR 490,00
Private course from 2 people on + 20% surcharge

Rate for your selected room and date will be send to you on request.

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