CultureThe summer of culture in Lech has several highlights!


With the Skyspace Lech, a new cultural highlight has been created on the Tannberg in Oberlech, which is accessible to visitors in both summer and winter.
Designed by James Turrell, this unique piece of architecture allows deep insights into the skies above us and into our own consciousness. The open dome narrows the space and the field of vision of the sky so that a completely new feeling of space, time and thus consciousness arises. For bookable tours lighting elements provide an even more intense view of the open dome. Summer and winter guided tours take place. Skyspace Lech

LECH CLASSIC FESTIVAL  1 to 7 August 2022

The Lech Classic Festival has become indispensable. The motto of this year will be: "... and the sky is filled with violins!"

On 6 evenings great artists will present masterpieces that rarely or never find their way into concert halls, because they are often plain and short and therefore do not fit into the usual concert scheme. 

Due to the familiar atmosphere at the Classic Festival in Lech, the programme selection of the Wagner family is perfectly shown to advantage.

The concerts begin daily at 5 pm and end at 7 pm, so that after the concert you can walk back to your home on the mountain in peace and quiet, elated by the wonderful music.

JAZZ STAGE LECH 10 to 14 August 2022

Another classic is the Lech jazz stage, which will be from August 10th to 14th, 2022. Once again, it will offer welcome friends and new hopes. The organizers of the Jazzb├╝hne, the Waldhart family of sports retailers from Lech, are working with great enthusiasm on the program of the popular Jazz Festival for the coming summer.

Culture Highlights

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